The records I listen to


“The records I listen to like that don’t always turn up in my music in any tangible way. As much as I like the Stooges’ Fun House or Raw Power, my records aren’t likely to start sounding like that anytime soon. But there are all kinds of things you can pick up and learn from other people. I like getting a bunch of different emotions together, if possible. It’s like having a bunch of people from different eras at some big weird party and making them all talk to each other. I think it creates tension, and tension is one of my favorite parts of songs.”

Elliott Smith


There have been reports of Elliott’s new record


“That reminds me.. There have been reports of Elliott’s new record sounding a lot like the Stooges… do you know anything about this?

I haven’t really heard it, but yeah, I remember, I’ve been into the Stooges really heavily & at the last tour, finally, it seems like Elliott was beginning to listen to the Stooges.. I don’t know why, necessarily.. umm, but he had been listening to it, which I thought was a good thing, perhaps that’s true, I don’t really know…”

Sam Coomes



I’ve known Elliott for a long time

©Craig William Johnston

“I’ve known Elliott for a long time. And when I first met him I thought he was a talented musician – but I know a lot of talented musicians; I never thought he was the MOST talented or anything. But he’s just pushed himself and grown as a musician pretty intensely over the years and I’ve been able to watch it from close range and that’s extremely instructive – musically – but it’s also gratifying to see a friend and associate pick himself up like that and get a wider recognition.”

Sam Coomes