Please remember I’ve only been working with Elliott

“Please remember I’ve only been working with Elliott for a little while, so I’m still finding out some of the things you guys are asking about. There’s what I know… In November [2001], I was in L.A. and went to Elliott’s house – he played about eight tracks to [my wife] Jennifer and me. Some of the tracks had vocals, most of them were in a “full band” mode with him playing all of the instruments. There was one song that totally rocked that had Steven from the Lips and the drummer from Beachwood Sparks both playing drums at the same time. The tracks that didn’t have vocals, he sat next to me and sang the words – it was amazing! Continue reading

Pitchfork media had a story a few days ago

“Pitchfork media had a story a few days ago about Elliott being dropped from Dreamworks. That is untrue, as well as all the other purposefully hurtful comments they made. Elliott is currently recording his new album (with no money from Dreamworks) to be released on an undecided independent label. It is his choice not to record with Dreamworks right now. They would like to release his next album, but he’s not comfortable dealing with the corporate structure right now. Dreamworks are being very cool to let him release this album on an indie. Everyone’s happy with the scenario right now, both Dreamworks and Elliott…”

Scott Booker (30 janvier 2002)