Sometime in late spring/early summer 1994

©JJ Gonson

“Sometime in late spring/early summer 1994, Laurian , me and the other 2 members of our band drove our crappy van (named Sal, because it had been rescued from a salvage yard in Sacramento and the engine was almost dead) 25 MPH over the mountain passes from CA to OR to record an album in Portland with Thee Slayer Hippy (Drummer for Poison Idea and producer – Heatmiser, Hard Ons etc.).

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One Xmas eve, Laurian and I stumbled into Elliott

©Laurian Rhodes

“One Xmas eve, Laurian and I stumbled into Elliott Smith here and while hanging out with him, he told me that he had used the title from my song, “Sea Of Trash” in his song, “Stupidity Tries.”

Sluggo Cawley

I wanted to write country music

©Sluggo Cawley

“I wanted to write country music, strangely enough, after I saw Elliott play country music. He and I were invited to play on a record by a band from San Francisco called Ain’t, they were friends of ours, and we recorded it in a studio in Northwest Portland. I was gonna play snare drum or washboard and he was going to play guitar. So he got there first, and when I arrived he was just dinking around– and you know, Elliott was a master guitar player, and he was playing this crazy-ass downhome Texas country stuff that I didn’t know he had, and I was just like, that’s the coolest thing I’ve heard in a long time, and it really peaked my interest in country music and old folk music. So that was another piece of the puzzle. That and hanging out with these guys through the Laurelthirst. But definitely hearing Elliott just like play. You know, he lived in Texas for awhile, and it probably just seeped into his bones. He probably didn’t do it very often, because I don’t think he really had a Texas sound much, but I remember that I was just floored. I was like, ‘how do you know how to do that, that’s so fucked up that you know how to do that!’ I made him show me how he was doing it. That influence is really on Western Electric.”

Pete Krebs