Elliott was very different

© Steve Hanford / Thee Slayer Hippie

“Elliott was very different. He was very tortured. I never got into why. But I spent many a night getting wasted with Elliott. At the same time, a lot of brilliance exists in this town. But Elliott was able to marshal his artistic talent in a way that many others were, dare I say, afraid to. He was very brave in his oblivion seeking. His brilliance and ability to write songs rivals that of Lennon and McCartney. Did his sound change when he moved from Portland? Well… he could focus more away from Portland and cultivate his art. Also focus on other things. You know… He was a nice guy, a very silly, crazy person. If you were his friend. Other  than that, he was very stand-offish. Which was how I was, at the time. He didn’t talk. Journalists, he hated that shit, too.”

Steve Hanford