Steve Hanft has a great story

©Lance Bangs

“Steve Hanft has a great story about Elliott dipping out right after this pic was snapped. Wasn’t about that life.”

Ross Harris

Even though Elliott was in pain


“Even though Elliott was in pain, he was one of the nicest people ever. He loved to laugh at ridiculous things. He loved talking about rock ‘n’ roll…. He got so excited about it. He was into everything from the Velvet Underground to Blue Oyster Cult to George Jones. He was more than just a gifted songwriter, he was a great friend and champion to the underdog. He will be missed dearly.”

Steve Hanft

Steve found this robot that had these guns that came out


“Steve found this robot that had these guns that came out, and there was a guy behind the counter who would light the lyrics on fire. And it’d burn up part of the counter top and we’d have to go ‘OK, let’s do it again.’ Clean off the counter top, then here comes the robot, then burn the lyrics. I don’t know, it was kind of fun, watching the lyrics burn.”

Elliott Smith

I am writing to let Wayne Coyne and everyone else know

“I am writing to let Wayne Coyne and everyone else know a very important detail he didn’t know when he talked about Elliott’s scuffle with the police in the article. Elliott and his girlfriend Jennifer were standing there when the cops started to beat up some teenagers. When the fight got too close to Elliott and Jennifer they were ordered to move or suffer the consequences, they didn’t. Elliott chose to suffer the consequences.  Continue reading