Going to the Oscars was like…

©Dana Lixenberg

“Going to the Oscars was like… it was an awards show. It has no meaning of its own. As I was sitting there, I was like: ‘Wow, this is a weird scene. Is this anybody’s scene?’ I like watching award shows, kind of like I like watching ‘South Park’. It’s something to look at on a given night, but it’s insane to think about so-and-so winning something and being considered better than someone else.”

Elliott Smith


Supposedly if you’re nominated


“Supposedly if you’re nominated, then people who make clothes sometimes want you to wear their clothes. So supposedly, someone’s going to send me a suit and I can see if I like it … then wear it and give it back the next day. I don’t know if they’d let me wear a dress.”

Elliott Smith

They lied and said it was written for the movie

“Elliott Smith came in to help his friend build the studio and contributed a console that he had purchased. It was too large to fit in the building, so, the pair cannibalized what they could from it and traded away the rest.
Since there was a studio in Seattle called Laundry Room, Crane decided that the move would also lead to a change in monikers. Smith and Crane discussed possible names and, while sitting at breakfast, Smith reached into a Trivial Pursuit box and pulled out a card. “Jackpot” was listed as one of the answers and the two decided that would make a perfect name. Continue reading

I don’t think it has any chance in hell of winning

©Ron Gallela – Miramax party, Beverly Wilshire Hotel, 22 mars 1998

“I don’t think it has any chance in hell of winning. I mean, nobody knows me, and it’s not like that many people know the song. It’s not like, ‘Ah, yes, I’m finally where I worked so hard to be.’ The film thing was a happy accident all the way around. Gus Van Sant invited me over to his house one day to see some of his new movie. He’d put some of my songs in it, and he wanted to know what I thought. I guess I expected they would be way in the background, but actually they were really in the foreground. Continue reading

I didn’t watch the Oscars ceremony on tape for a long time

©Johnny Giunta

“I didn’t watch it [ the Oscars ceremony] on tape for a long time and having seen it one time I will never watch it again, it bummed me out. I looked so fucking fragile and I’m not fragile like that. What the fuck… I don’t even understand what I’m putting across to people. I don’t even know what it is, and when I see it, I’m just kind of appalled.”

Elliott Smith