and the quiet madness of who we were that spring


“and the quiet madness of who we were that spring
exposed and frail, caught unawares
“more and again”. we could keep that promise.
ten years. one week. days all the same. time, changing us.
what else could i give you? i called and told you that, and you whispered “thank you”,
like you had done before, like you would do again
for all we left unsaid never stopped haunting you
these ten years like some sacred insult
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I became friends with Elliott


“I became friends with Elliott around 1997/1998 & it was because I was so moved by his music in Good Will Hunting that I had to say hello and thank you at a small club in LA that we were both at (also I grew up in Dallas so we had that in common plus I found out later we were both children of psychiatrist fathers….). We were friends for awhile in LA, before he was on the Oscars show & after that… I was in grad school to become a psychologist so I already had my masters & was “practicing” serving people. I won’t go on and on… But I sincerely thanked Elliott for his songs & he was a genuine and dear friend of mine. He wasn’t perfect (as we know) but he knew people really cared about his music – I remember a few years ago when I could finally look up interviews with him again that I saw one where he said he was only continuing on to write music and produce it because of his fans.
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A year or two ago, my mom unearthed a note


“A year or two ago my mom unearthed a note while we were going through some of her old records. She received it at the Neurolux circa 1997. It was scratched out in barely legible handwriting, had an address in Portland, Oregon and an invitation for letters to be sent to that address. She never wrote him, to my knowledge. Later on, I learned that this is who wrote that note…”


Amity is a really unguarded song

©Timothy Donovan

Amity is a really unguarded song – I made up the lyrics in a couple of minutes and didn’t change them. I like the way it feels, although it’s not an especially deep song at all. It’s, I don’t know… just a big rock song. It’s a pretty simple song. It’s not so much about the words themselves, but more about how the whole thing sounds. Some friends of mine said it sounded like I was trying to get something romantic going with someone, and that’s not what it was supposed to be about. It was supposed to be, “you’re really fun to be with and I really like you a lot because of that, but I am really, really depressed” – but I don’t know if that came across. When I said, “ready to go,” it was supposed to mean tired of living. Sorry to make the song depressing for you now. Amity is a person I know. It was very simple. I was saying, “I really like you and it’s really great to hang out with someone who is happy and easy-going, but I don’t feel like that and I can’t be with you.”

Elliott Smith