He was regarded as an eccentric guy


“He was regarded as an eccentric guy, a very standoffish person, just painfully shy. But he also wore his emotions on his sleeve, because he would successfully communicate his feelings and stuff like that, people would get to know him, they’d know how he was feeling. He was a shy human being who was also capable of being very nice and very moral and not cold and not a dick. People kind of felt sorry for him, they kind of looked after him – unlike some other famous people in a small town like Portland. You get a little famous in Portland or any town of that size and anyone who’s not famous is going to be resentful. They’re going to say that your fame is undeserved and that you’re a snob now and this and that. Other people who have achieved a similar level of fame – various things were said about all those other people, but not Elliott Smith. Maybe it’s just because his painfully shy reputation covered any snottiness he may have betrayed towards people and no one ever took it personally when he’d snub them. But I think he was generally a decent guy who tried to be nice to everybody. Except for the fact that people thought he was really fucked up. People thought he was personally weird. Although I would say that among the people who knew him a little better than the average fan, there was a sense that he wasn’t as fucked up as he was made out to be.”

Todd Patrick