First time I met Elliott was under cold grey skies

hat abbey road

“First time I met Elliott was under cold grey skies standing on the curb of the Portland, Oregon airport with my buddy Rob and a whole pile of recoding odds and ends. An old blue chevy van pulled up with his art partner in crime, Neil Gust, at the wheel. In an air of “we are all about to start to record” anticipation and excitement, we all grinned and started heading into town to the little two story house / makeshift studio that they had rented on Virgin records dime.
I remember as we crossed the bridge looking over and seeing Elliott quietly balancing the weight of his world behind those dark eyes. Next day we started this album…”

Tom Rothrock

Tom Rothrock and Rob Schnapf mixed my last record

“Tom Rothrock and Rob Schnapf mixed my last record, Either/Or, and I’ve recorded a couple things with them before. I’m used to them, and we operate in the same way. It’s them on the cover of XO. Rob’s wearing an Afro wig. He looks really good with an Afro; he should grow one. We were playing basketball, but you can’t see the basketball, so it looks like we’re doing this weird apelike dance. Which is even better.”

Elliott Smith