It’s interesting that you mentioned Elliott Smith

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“It’s interesting that you mentioned Elliott Smith as I’m in the city right now where I very last saw him – Stockholm. It was July 5, 2000. We did a short tour together over here and the last time we spoke was on July 4 in Göteborg. Honestly, Elliott looked very stressed out, there in the food court of the Accelerator Festival in Stockholm. I ran off with some friends and didn’t bother to say goodbye to him. Continue reading

Elliott Smith’s Guitar – Brainwarmer (2002)

©Tiffany Lee Brown

“I was deeply saddened to hear of Elliott’s recent suicide. As I wrote for BUST magazine’s “Men We Love” issue a few years back, “I moved back to Oregon the same week that saw the release of a local boy hero’s second solo CD…my entire brain contracted the minute I heard his amazing songs.” He and his music represent Portland to me, the way the rain leaks into everything we do. He knew how to turn that grey wet reality into something beautiful and transcendent. Continue reading

Joan Wasser – We Don’t Own It (2006)


“I did a couple of tours with him when I was playing in a band called Those Bastard Souls. We were touring with Sebadoh and Elliott was opening the shows before the whole “Good Will Hunting” thing so he was opening solo, and you know, he’s incredible. And also, he’s just such a very kind, gentle person. You know, troubled, at times, as we all are, at times. It was really disheartening to hear about what was going on after he died. Because you always hope that people come together when someone dies. When you die as a young person it seems like it’s so shocking and so difficult to digest. It’s sad when people are angry at each other and calling names and stuff. So, that’s what that song is about.”

Joan Wasser

Brad Mehldau – Sky Turning Grey (2010)

“I have [heard his version of Bottle Up & Explode]. It blew me away; I couldn’t believe it. I’ve seen him play once or twice. It was extremely flattering that he found my song interesting enough to play in his show. He heard things in it, some of which I could hear in it but didn’t feel I could do any more than imply because, after all, it’s supposed to be a rock song. He brought out a lot of the implied harmonic things in it, and then added a bunch of stuff that I would have never thought of. And, of course, his technique is a million miles beyond mine. It was incredible. He’s amazing.”

Elliott Smith

Burn it Backwards – Skinner/Kirk Dance Ensemble – Mars 2017


Burn it Backwards – Skinner/Kirk Dance Ensemble – Mars 2017

“We’ve been talking about using music by Elliott Smith for many years. We have this sort of orbit of connections to Elliott and his music. Elliott’s life is dark and troubled. He came from a very dark place in his head, and if you pay attention to his lyrics you see that. It’s painful. Our history is different than that, thankfully. So, rather than try to tell a biographical story of Elliott’s life through his music, which is something we couldn’t possibly understand, we decided to tell our own story using his music and lyrics as inspiration.”

Daniel Kirk

“Yeah, actually, we bought our house a while ago, and right around the time we moved in he had either just moved out, or was there for a little bit—but he lived in a house right across the street from us. I don’t think we ever met him, but we may have seen him. Then, after he passed away, his ashes were put in one of the rose gardens in Ladd’s Addition, which is right across the street from where we live. So, there was that kind of synergy flowing around. Then, one of my best friends from when I was growing up brought up the fact that he represents Elliott’s estate. There were all these really weird connections here and there that kept feeding into the kitty of doing this project… One of his parents still lives here in town—his father and his wife. They’re going to come to the show.”

Eric Skinner

In the Snow White cottages – The Magnetic Fields – 2017

In the Snow White cottages
As cute as LA gets
In the Norman Tudor
Two doors from the Raveonettes

In the Snow White cottages
Every day looks like a myth
In the house once occupied
By singer Elliott Smith
By poor dear Elliott Smith

While there, we made a documentary
Concerning my friend Claudia and me
A movie you did not want to be in

In the Snow White cottages
It’s always 1410
Walt Disney started down the block
The artists lived here then
They lived here even then

In the Snow White cottages
I lived just like a prince
It’s lovely in Mulholland Drive
And hadn’t changed much since
And hasn’t changed much since