A year or two ago, my mom unearthed a note


“A year or two ago my mom unearthed a note while we were going through some of her old records. She received it at the Neurolux circa 1997. It was scratched out in barely legible handwriting, had an address in Portland, Oregon and an invitation for letters to be sent to that address. She never wrote him, to my knowledge. Later on, I learned that this is who wrote that note…”



I was going to move to New York

©Dennis Kleiman

“I was going to move to New York, but now I’m not. This [ Portland] is where I’m from, and I’m going to stick with it. I probably will live in New York for a while, but I’m not dying to do it anymore. My problems won’t be any different in New York than they are here. I can’t pretend anymore like I could just be anybody. That was part of the attraction of moving to New York – that I could go there and be anybody. I’m through with that. I can’t just be anybody. There are things about me that would be present in New York, just the same as here.”

Elliott Smith (avril 1997)

Saw Elliott in 1996/7 in a small pinball bar in Kansas


“Saw Elliott in 1996/7 in a small pinball bar in Kansas whilst touring his self titled debut album. Being English in Kansas stood out so i even got to chat to him after the gig. He was a quiet chap who took my enthusiasm well. We chatted about Dischord a lot for some reason and I mentioned Nick Drake as simple base English comparison to him. He had no idea who Nick Drake was, I felt silly.”

Rocket 75