I would see him in Amherst center

jesse mosher
©Tom John Kubik

“I would see him in Amherst center playing guitar in front of the Unitarian church. It was where everyone hung out, smoked weed, hackey sacked , skateboarded. There was a handicapped ramp there, and some low walls. There was usually someone playing guitar there. In 1989 or 90, 7 th grade for me, I remember listening to Elliott doing a song and was mesmerized. It was very powerful compared to the other kids who played. I was a hick kid, from Shutesbury, in the big regional jr. high school. Continue reading


Were you at college with Elliott Smith? I was.

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“Were you at college with Elliott Smith? I was. I remember him very, very slightly. I remember some band that he was in, vaguely. I remember not liking it very much. I remember his friends seemed like jocks at Hampshire. His music is pretty earnest. Yeah, he was kind of on a different wavelength than Hampshire, than my cohorts. He wasn’t in one of the more important Hampshire bands of the day.”

Richard Rushfield

I didn’t like Hampshire College at all

tony lash
©Tony Lash

“I didn’t like Hampshire College at all, but I did like the professor I had that was the main guy. I graduated from there. It was a place with no grades and no majors. It was like make your own program, and it was pretty hippie in a good way. But the people going to school there were a real problem to me. I didn’t like it. I moved off campus as soon as I could, second year. So, I tried not to really get caught up in all the crap going on with people coming out of high school who are like, “I wasn’t cool in high school, so now I’m gonna be really cool.” Continue reading

Elliott was not as hopeless and helpless


“Elliott was not as hopeless and helpless as Jennifer Chiba made him out to be. She also asserted that he was terribly unstable because he had gone off all of his medications, yet anti-depressants were still found in his system, so that can’t be entirely true either. He was working on an unfinished project (and it’s unlikely he would have just said “fuck it” for that alone). He seemed hopeful and positive when I last saw him (It may have been June but somehow I thought it was later than that–more like August or early September). It’s so convenient to use his past bouts of depression coupled with his music as evidence of his suicidal tendencies. That’s the trouble. He has the image of a gloomy, sad guy (which he was only part of the time, whereas most of the time he was a lot of fun). It was so easy to make his death out to be a suicide from the legacy he created. I have a strong hunch that Jennifer Chiba knew this and continues to use this to her advantage and it’s exactly how she has been able to manipulate the story in her favor. They weren’t together for that long, but I knew him well for sixteen years, and I feel strongly that more should be done to uncover the facts.”

Serena Williams