Suicide Machine was a song that was left off


Suicide Machine was a song that was left off his posthumous release because of the abrasive feeling title so soon after his death, I would assume. And for the record I don’t think the song is anything about what people are afraid it is about; about his death or his intentions or anything like that. To me, it’s a song about him speaking to the whole “sad” label that had been put on him. He sings “baby got a place in the sun selling people shade…renting out a room in a remote little corner, a profits promenade… everybody’s trying to turn me into a suicide machine”. It seems like he is saying, here he is in Los Angeles, where everything around him is sunny and warm and people are still encouraging him to be this balladeer for the lonely, selling the shade to people in the sun. Or is it “prophet’s promenade”, which could still make sense and brings a double meaning too — which he often did. Either way, it seems to me like he is pointing out that people want him to be an artist churning out this product of sadness, fitting into this box that’s been made for him.”

Kevin Moyer


He was so many different things to so many different people

©Stephanie Neil

“He was so many different things to so many different people. He had layers and different angles that you would see depending on how you knew him and what your relationship with him might be and what he might decide to show you. One thing that I think we can all agree on though was that he was incredibly talented and a very compassionate person. And everyone we talked to loved him immensely, no matter how their relationship with him might have ended.”

Kevin Moyer