and the quiet madness of who we were that spring


“and the quiet madness of who we were that spring
exposed and frail, caught unawares
“more and again”. we could keep that promise.
ten years. one week. days all the same. time, changing us.
what else could i give you? i called and told you that, and you whispered “thank you”,
like you had done before, like you would do again
for all we left unsaid never stopped haunting you
these ten years like some sacred insult
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I know there is no place de Gaulle in Paris

thank you, Kenji 🙂

“I know there is no place de Gaulle in Paris! The work title I was actually using for the album was “Place Pigalle”, where I stayed for a while last year.  I do remember spelling it to the journalist on the phone, but he didn’t understand, or he didn’t want to understand. It makes me very unhappy that  I may have come across as a show off to  French people.”

Elliott Smith

Note: Speaking about popular misconceptions… the Abbey Road session in 1998 was NOT called “Place Pigalle” except as a blunder that came up later on (living on in the Alphabet Town catalogue for instance), the eponymous song was NOT recorded there and then but in the summer of 1999 (a mistake you’ll find in the french book “Can’t Make a Sound” – even though the author was duly corrected, some mistakes were never amended it seems.) Talking about people who don’t understand, or don’t want to understand… funny how self-appointed experts will pick on lesser details but will keep on feeding such gross approximations. See various Figure 8/Place Pigalle entries on those issues…